Lets get Provocative.

Hi friends,

I'm in this DOPE class called Design Thinking in the engineering department and we do things like construct mini roller coasters and take improv classes. This time the project was to rethink ads and take a few that stick to you emotionally and reframe them. I chose the american apparel ads and the ads about starving kids and twisted them in a provocative way. Enjoy,

[I used photoshop]



the jungle cap goes double the swag

the different ways chi & gi rock the safari snap back:

exhibit a.
paired with an airplane tee from URBN, american flag knit shorts from buffalo exchange (cali), and docs.

exhibit b.
paired with an URBN tank and bra, a vintage snake skin back pack (thx mommy), a plaid skirt from buffalo exchange (new york), nylon socks from american apparel, and gi-swagged thrifted nine west heels.

...exhibit a is for a chill day. exhibit b is for that day where you want to bring it back to the garb featured in the ultimate chick flick: clueless.


ps. look at these prime pictures from when dawn turns to dusk in longboat key, florida...