sick tree in the back
shirt; cut up tee. skirt; functional. bra; blue planet. heels; senso. arm band; blue planet.

this top used to be one of my big sleeping shirts that i cut up in order to have a brand new crop top! so this is what i did: i put it on inside out last week and i liked how loose it was on my shoulders so i attempted to cut it into a muscle shirt, but that didn't work out very well since i kinda looked like a bro going to the gym. to fix this issue, i cut more fabric off from the sleeves and then i cut the sides of the tee [at the bottom] to make it a little tighter [and of course i attached the sides with 4 safety pins]. when i was done, the crop looked plain so i made a random slit in the front of my shirt and i gave it a stitch-like look by pinning two safety pins together to form an 'X'. finito.

here's a funny that i found



hêad supplêmênts.

mad hats.

earring; free people.

hat; regina. racket; thrift store. hoodie; american apparel. oversized sweater; american apparel. leggings; forever 21.

hat; gobbolino. crop top; disney world (chi cut it up). harem pants; zara.

gobbolino is a store i stumbled upon when trying to find the perfect oversized bow. not only did this store have gigantic graphic bows the size of a chinchilla, they also had these unique hats pictured below. obviously when i saw this simple, yet outrageous maroon bear hat, i had to make the purchase. the store is located in the UK, but they ship internationally for a cheap price. so it would definitely be worth your while to check this store out and become mesmerized; it's literally hair accessory porn.
some clutch hats, hair accessories, and scarves we found:

via gobbolino. via gobbolino.

via gobbolino. via gobbolino.

via gobbolino. via topshop.
via chictopia. via spanish moss.

via spanish moss. via topshop

dark/gloomy weather due to a snowy winter calls for a mysterious look, which can be established with short-rimmed, dark-toned hats such as these from spanish moss and topshop.

via topman. via topman.

topman is the topshop for guys and i love looking through their accessories for great alternative finds like these. 

via nastygal. via topshop.

 via belle noel.

via revolve.

i don't think anyone could rock this hat quite like her. i mean she just popped out with swag.

peace. love. unity. respect.


laundromat loaners

silver crop top; p.o.s.h.a. . pink blouse; american apparel. tights; nordstrom. shoes; sam edelman. bow; american apparel.

this silver top has a an intricate [almost trippy] design of sequence sown on. i'm actually wearing it backwards, which makes it look more like a crop top. its fun to test out different ways to wear a top or ways to cut it up, like the old kashmir crew neck sweater my sister cut into a                                                                                                                        cardigan in the pictures below...
 whats up chi.
sweater; vintage (grandpa). short sleeve shirt; american apparel. long sleeve shirt; free people. jeans; urban outfitters. leg warmers; free people pants that are cut up. boots; steve madden (men's section).

i'm into recycling clothing that i don't wear anymore and here are two examples of how i used my scissors to enhance the swag in some neglected fabric. (1) the sweater: found it in my grandpa's closet and took it...so the sweater fit kind of awkward on, but since i liked the fabric so much i thought it was necessary to fix this sweater up to work with my small/awkward body. all i did was cut it down the middle to create a cardigan look, then i cut the neckline to make it wider and i cut the cuffs of the sleeves off to give the sweater a baggier appearance. finally, i used two safety pins to latch the top of the sweater. (2) the leg warmers: so gaia ambitiously bought these size 24, tight ass skinnies from free people that obviously ended up being way too tight and uncomfortable.. due to this issue neither of us ever wore the skinnies after buying them, seeing how much of a waste it was to not use this fabric i cut a foot off from the bottom of the skinnies and used them as leg warmers.

reduce. reuse. recycle.

these men's shoes have mad traction so that i don't fall when I'm walking on slush/snow..even though, once upon a high school time, the latch on one of the boots got stuck to the lace of the other boot and i was that girl who broke her shit in the middle of a party and dropped her drank all over herself and the floor.. awkward chi.


mad jewels

These accessories are all truly orgasmic....especially the one right below:

rings; boticca.
arm cuff; topshop.
necklace; one little piece.

how CUTE are the next few necklaces?! they are from an online store called fab where people sell artsy artifacts that they make like these
sir foxy pants; fab.
fancy mister monkey; fab.
mr. elephant soldier; fab. count bull; fab.
ring; lazy oaf.
rings; lazy oaf.

rings; lazy oaf.

once again we've got some lazy oaf with their unorthodox, youthful designs.
cuff; nasty gal.

ear/ hair cuff; asos.
i mean.....this is kind of revolutionary..

necklace; la dama.

bracellet; bicyclette boutique. necklace; bicyclette boutique.

 cuff earring; la dama. ring; la dama.

bracelet; herej.

 ring; planet blue.

ring; planet blue. arm cuff; spanish moss.

cuff bracelet; la dama.

 ring; threadsence.double ring; threadsence.

double wrist cuffs; asos.