jewels and the modern feline

My beautiful friend Michelle Berlinger recently debuted her first jewelry collection:

Jewelry and the Modern Woman

[and here are some of her dank pieces]

Here is the artist herself, wearing one of her own pieces!


. . .
If you would like to get at some of her jewelry or if you have questions you would like to ask her about  her collection contact her at Michelle.berlinger@gmail.com

.:.some drawings from class.:.
[my friend the caterpillar] 

reworks of a masterpiece


 sweater; american apparel. jeans; levis.

black tinted plastic backpack; american apparel.


so gaia and i went home for the weekend and my great aunt, COCO, from italy graced us with her presence

 -_- meet our beautiful great aunt -_-

keepin' it super real


ps. sorry its been so long my friends