recreational times

dress; ebay. vest; forever 21. crop top; brandy la. shoes; steve madden.

i have finally won a bid war with ebay for this AHmazing tail dress. i wore it especially on this day because the wind was blowing so whenever i walk outside the tail flies up from behind and it makes me feel like a superhero with a cape. this is why i love fashion, because it allows me to feel like i have superpowers. who wouldn't want such a gift!? 
 sunnies; number a.

the following pictures were taken from a party i went to last night that was themed after the great gatsby. although it was hard to get a perfect 1920s look, most of the guests pulled it off pretty well [plus or minus a few decades]. enjoy....
dress; american gold.

i got this dress from the american gold collection in spanish moss. the design is inspired by old california vintage and folk art. they are the perfect store if you are ever looking for articles of clothing with vibrant patterns a lots of fringe. 

                                                                                    my beautiful mother--mama santi :)      

peace & love,
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architectural display

in structure and design the following pieces show the unconventionality necessary in art in order for the artist to isolate him/herself from the his/her fellow garb-makers.

shirt; pixie market.

shirt; tot.

jeans; one teaspoon

 clear skirt; fleamadonna.
tank and drape; unif

 bathing suit; wildfox.

skeleton maxi; stolen girlfriends club

 ring; chris habana. cuff; chris habana.

military coat; religion

overalls; stones

 two piece outfit; funktional.

coat; unif

 ring; nasty gal.

plastic bag; nasty gal

heels; messeca

color ornament; bond hardware.
individuality is beauty in this hostile cosmos

love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. 

ps. sorry for the delayed post, we had finals and coachella. don't expect such inactivity from us again... we  would never leave our loves!

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feel in the GOOD VIBES

shirt; vintage. vest; DIY. shorts; levis. socks; topshop. beanie; ll bean. 

my day started out with the outfit i have pictured at the bottom of this post; jeggings, sweater, beanie, and more sweaters. you may be wondering why i changed... well, the little town i live in was having an off day and decided to hail this morning. due to this evil decision, i thought that maybe its time to start the work I've been putting off all term. so i put on my smart glasses and was off to the library. then, my little town had a change of heart and decided that today should actually be a day of fun and ACTIVITIES, so it opened its cloudy heart and let the sun shine. the instant i felt the sun's good VIBES i hopped out of the library and was ready to put a gangsta fit on to start the wonderful day. when i think gangsta, i think studs on studs. so i went back to my room, cut up the topshop denim top [below] and penetrated it with some small gold studs i bought off ebay. 



earring; etsy.

i got these beautiful earrings from an etsy store. it has the most innovative jewelry I've seen yet and for a great price. she does a lot with crosses and beads and feathers and BONES. you should definitely check her store out! for this earring i asked her if she could make the cross an ivory color and she was more than happy to. she also has many other colors that you can chose from and she will custom make for you. [plus shipping is reallllll fast]

ring; etsy.

this ring is also from another indie store on etsy. the owner custom makes friendship rings with STUDS ON THEM. its a dream come true :)


sweater & flannel; thrift store. jeggings; nasty gal. necklace; ebay. hat; panarchy,


if you like good music, you HAVE TO CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT. my friends eva baldinger, arden baldinger, and emma mccall made this video and they have amazing talent. check this shiet out, you will be pleased. 
artists: "the song is about drug use. it's about the deadly mix of emotion fragility and a substance that will eat your potential until it's gone. it's about a girl named Chelsea who died because she lost a battle to drugs, a battle she didn't realize would consume her."

peace & love,

gangsta gi

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