Say hello to Lizzy...

So, we have a new member joining the TYTB crew

her name is elizabeth.rose.johnston

..and she has been our bestie since we were five and she still had her iconic overbite [which took about eight years of intensive metal wiring of the mouth to align..poor liz]

here she is now as a hawt, 21 year old, Savannah School of Art and Design undergrad studying fashion/marketing::

Black slit maxi ~ Asos 

Ankle ching ching chain ~ indian boutique NYC
Brazilian T-strap leather sandals ~ Goodwill
Daisy button down tank ~ thrift store NYC 

Chain ~ magically landed in my closet   
Hoop earrings ~ Virginia art fair   



the jungle cap goes double the swag

the different ways chi & gi rock the safari snap back:

exhibit a.
paired with an airplane tee from URBN, american flag knit shorts from buffalo exchange (cali), and docs.

exhibit b.
paired with an URBN tank and bra, a vintage snake skin back pack (thx mommy), a plaid skirt from buffalo exchange (new york), nylon socks from american apparel, and gi-swagged thrifted nine west heels.

...exhibit a is for a chill day. exhibit b is for that day where you want to bring it back to the garb featured in the ultimate chick flick: clueless.


ps. look at these prime pictures from when dawn turns to dusk in longboat key, florida...



Drum roll please....

dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


please welcome our new columnist Saucey [yes, saucey with an -ey].

her name originated from her inherent ability to keep it real and not censor her true emotions, aka her ability to DGAF/YOLO to the fullest extent. the reason we added Saucey to the crew is to provide you guys with a dosage of the "realness."

1. she appreciates the subtitles

2. she completely and utterly acknowledges the fact that she is a walking paradox...i mean who doesn't  defy their self-declarations every now and then?
[life and everything within it is ever-changing and might as well embrace it]

3. she's gone to the deepest of sh*ts and back...with stories to tell and bruises for credibility

4. she lives a double life. during the day she comports herself as an elegant student, completing her homework and indulging in extra-circulars. once dawn turns to dusk, she transforms into xeona--the badass warrior princess.

in sum: saucey seizes her youth with her YSL pumps and her acid kitty marc jacobs iphone case, while holding it down with her militant swag.

so please welcome our dear friend saucey. [click on her tab above to hear Saucey Speak]

a fashion post for your enjoyment:

shirt; american apparel. skirt; thrifted. socks; urban outfitters. black boots; topshop. suspenders; a bequest. ash t-shirt; american apparel. bow tie; found on the ground...
chi-chi swag made these cigarette pants [in the literal and asethetical sense] with mustard corduroy fabric, a stencil she made, spray paint, white cigarette jeans, needle & thread.

shirt; bought from a concert. shorts; american apparel. earrings; beauty shop. hat; urban outfitters. necklace; buddhist store in venice beach.

tired of your hair causing your neck to sweat in the summer, just tuck it into your hat! [pictured below..]

shoes; doc martins.


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feed the models

mission: create a sustainable dress that speaks to body image issues for the AnyBody Fashion Show.

[...chi thinks to herself "body image issues for me = candy & cigarettes.... word"]

supplies (found objects): skittles wrappers & masking tape & felt table cloth & cig packs & spray paint

[...chi thinks to herself, again "what should the theme be? 
... feed the models. that sounds cool, done. 
time to make a silhouette with a garbage bag and masking tape. 
bop bop.. bop"]

props to my hawt friend/model allie lau for dealing with this beautiful catastrophe--the dress.

step 1. compose a rough draft with pins
 top; skittles/tape/garbage bag. skirt; felt table cloth/safety pins

 step 2. doodle... because i dont know what else to do.. 
 ...and add a random black wire and some safety pin [as per usual]

step 3. cut up the top, close the top with a black chain, add some googly eyes to the skirt, and paste some cigarette packs/ skittles wrappers/ random sh*t that has to do with my issues on the skirt

step 4. give her a hat and a cigarette
...and lets go outside to aimlessly, yet gesturally?, spray paint the fu*k out of this dress

step 5. form a face made of tape on allie's back... a by product of boredom, which ensues accomplishment 
you (allie) along with every other person in this world is beautiful *.*
side note:: one's body does not gauge one's beauty. one's beauty lies within (as cliché as that sounds), but one has to realize that the only way for others to see such beauty is if you give it life through your words and actions.





This past term, a thoughtful fellow met our acquaintance. With a book in hand and raging passion peering through his 1950s specs, the thoughtful fellow made a request, "I need you two to design big black dresses for the upcoming play I'm directing." 

Naturally, we respond, "Word."

Chiara asks, "Now, what are our boundaries?"

The thoughtful fellow responded, "None. They just need to be cryptic and grim."

Us, "Perfect, we kindly oblige."

Day 1: "Chiara, we've got to start making moves. Have you done anything?"
"Shoot. Me neither. Lets at least start psychoanalyzing the characters.."

Day 4: "Chiara, lets go to new york to get crazy materials for the dresses."
"Like what? And are you sure you want to go to new york for just the dresses, or is there something else motivating you?"
"Well, Butch Clancy is DJ-ing too.."

Day 7: (in new york) "So Gi, what did you buy?"
"Some bones and shells."

[3 hours later, on the car ride home]

"Chi, where is the bag of bones?"
"Shit, I dont know. You bought them."
"F*ck. I think I threw them out with the subway."
"Perfect, so new york was a bust. But hey Butch Clancy was dope."
"You right."   -.-

Day 12: "Things are looking good Chi, although I'm not really sure what you're planning on doing with that vampire collar..."
"Don't worry about it Gi. I've got it under control."
"Are you sure? It doesn't really make sense right now."
Twirling her hair, "Gaia, chill. We still need to figure out the wiring."
"Fur sure dude."
As you can imagine, this twin-management talk carried on for the next week until it was showtime... 

Play: Slowly
By: Howard Barker
Synopses: Four princesses debating their fate as barbarians near their kingdom. Having only lived a life of conformity within their set boundaries of royalty, these four princesses are forced to realize their human agency as the question becomes suicide or escape.

Meet Princess Bell:
the curious one

Meet Princess Sign:
the resolute one

Meet Princess Paper:
the schizophrenic one, not in the literal sense..but maybe a little bit

Meet Princess Calf:
the wise one

Meet the director, the thoughtful fellow himself, Gabriel Rodriguez...back stage with the beautiful princesses.

it's crazy to think that a simple request from a thoughtful fellow led to our realization of what it means to follow a dream and how good it feels when you start inching your way there.