so random

this post is quite undirected...
it starts with aliens
slides into camouflage
dabbles with creepers

and then gets even more led astray with some uncoordinated shoes and clothes picks

delve into my schizo thought processing/ decision making...
 beanie; jac vanek.
muscle tee; jac vanek.

camo jacket; jac vanek.

camo/denim jacket; pixie market.


im obsessed with creepers, so my christmas trip to london this year is going to consist of finding the most peculiar pair of creepers. in the meantime, here are some creepers that have briskly distinctive qualities:
 leather spiked/zippered ones; underground.

 navy velvet ones; underground.

baby-blue suede ones; underground.

sparkly black ones; lazy oaf.


on the other hand, here are some non-creeper atypical shoes i came across that are RADical:
 patent leather boots; lazy oaf.
western style booties; jeffrey campell.

folded pixie booties; pixie market

blue tassel flats; emma go.

.dank miscellaneous clothes. 
[the first three options would be comfortable and complimentary for new years debauchery]
cut-out flannel dress; unif

leather pocket dress; pixie market.

skeletal tee; stolen girlfriends club.

super flared bell-bottoms; unif.

rose embellished leggings; tot.

keep it real homiez



love the chaos

i think i have finally realized why i love fashion! it is the antidote that alleviates all stress and anxiety from living in this dysfunctional phenomenon we call reality. no matter where we go or run off to, we will always find ourselves stuck in the middle of chaos. now, this is not necessarily a good thing, its a GREAT thing. if we lived in a perfect world where no one had allergies, food didnt have calories, toilet seats were always warm, scary movies had plots, magic carpets existed, and pimples were cute then there would be nothing to work for. we would live as by standers to our own lives, watching the days go by without having to lift a finger or feeling heartache. this is no way to live!! we should feel lucky to be living in this wonderful world of chaos where every day is supposed to be a struggle and its our job to find that niche that keeps us sane and gives us a sense of direction throughout the entire process. some call this their passion, or their religion. for me, [and my sister] its fashion: the medium through which i create order in my far from ordinary life. because of it i also found out a lot more about myself, not only that i'm bohemian at heart, but also that i love living in this singular reality, where unfortunately i have to wear cover up because pimples are still out of style...

anywho...here is our latest shoot, enjoy!! 



a lace funeral

for thanksgiving yesterday i initially wanted to wear all black to mourn over the death of my soul due to finals. however, since it is a day to give thanks and not a day to spread angst, i decided to cloak my postpartum depression [a side effect of birthing two papers and a huge test covering marginal details of nine shakespeare plays] with a vibrant oversized green sweater paired with a heavy necklace holding an orange crystal. though you can probably still tell from my solemn stare that i am contemplating the retrieval of my soul, those two installments of color in my outfit do quite the job to deceive onlookers' judgement of my wellbeing. 

here is my thanksgiving funeral:

top; urban outfitters. collared button up; american apparel. lace flares; wasteland. heels; jeffrey campbell.



modeling for dummiez

this post is dedicated to the different techniques i've picked up from taking blog pictures this past year. of course i am no top model, but these suggestions are prime especially if you are the type that takes awkward pictures that still have potential [like myself].

technique #1:
elongate the neck for maximum extension. also, if a ray of sunlight hits your face, look at it with an angelic expression as if you were one of the chubby angels in michelangelo's Cherubs painting.
 technique #2:
when in doubt, start up a conversation with an imaginary friend from the past.
technique #3:
smile with your eyes.
technique #4:
take a peek at the ground, if your lucky maybe you'll find a curious rolly polly. 
technique #5:
if you're tired of standing, do a wall sit on a tree trunk. WARNING: if you're quads start to burn and you feel drips of sweat running down your face, just play it cool and stare happily into the abyss until your picture has been taken. beauty is pain.
technique #6:
if you're trying to impress your male followers, try a seductive look: squint the eyes and smile as if constipated.
technique #7:
if no one wants to take your pictures, set your camera settings to self timer. allow for enough time to jump into an honest pose before the timer runs out.  
technique # 8:
look interestedly at your shoe. its always a safe shot when you're looking down because you dont have to worry about the camera capturing your face during a transitional facial expression.
technique #9:
if you've just seen too many non-photogenic pictures, crop your face out and the suddenly picture becomes alternative.

inspiring, huh?!
the shoes pictured below are a creation of mine from the summer. my friend had a yard sale and i found these nine west booties. as usual i studded them with a few screw-on spikes i bought off ebay and then glitzed them out with dabs of nail polish. a super fresh pair of kicks that cost me an hour of ARTS&CRAFTS fun time :)



demonic denim

i dont think i own a pair of jeans anymore that havent been slaughtered by scissors. these violent acts of aggression toward my jeans simply reflect the personal vendetta i have against denim. its the fabric that speaks the harsh truth even when youre not in the mood to hear what it has to say.
an example to clarify:
i wake up on a sunday afternoon from a restless slumber, the moment i stand i realize its the time of the month when my ovaries are selfishly begging for attention. so much so that they decide to torture me with nausea, bloating, tyrannical bowel movements, involuntary emotions, and an extra load of laundry. being a lethargic bum, i usually bypass these inflictions of pain until the very last minute. so instead of acting promptly and pampering my ovaries with insulating sweat pants, i test them and slip into a pair of jeans [pretty much an act of masochism]. then when i try to fasten the jeans around my waist, the denim wont stretch far enough for me to button my pants!! the leading cause being that im far to bloated due to the sudden change in hormone levels. so in this instance of denim malfunctions, my jeans are telling me:
1) listen to your damn ovaries and slip into a pair of sweats
2) you have to stop pretending that you will fit into a pair of jeans when you look like a potbellied monkey!  (pictured below)

its easy to understand from the previous example that denim is demonic. sure, its only fabric, but when it has oppressive psychological power over your well-being, it must be condemned. therefore, the slashing of my jeans is absolutely justified. if you feel this way about your jeans, give them a cut here and there, im telling you its liberating!

keep it swaggy friends.

Peace & Love,