a day in the life of chi

once upon a time there was a twin named chi and her best friend named Tinkles....

rocking some vans


rockin a mascota vest, thrift store maxi dress, green soccer socks, and (obvi) her docs.

one day the two antisocial friends decided to watch

after 10 hours of learning the ways of coolness, the two friends decided to be one with nature before executing their recently acquired social skillz.
 nature time:

 [nature left before we got here]

suddenly, the nature sesh was bombarded by space ships!
[the space ships]

dazed and confused, chi and tinkles decided to check out the situation. after some time, they came across mario who said he had just gotten back from a trip.
after a while, we felt as if our unfamiliar appearance was giving him bad vibes, so we left.

saddened by their unsuccessful first social experience, Tinkles and chi decided to go eat away their failure with some dankity dank.
[the dankness]

when they finished eating away their pain, Tinkle called up his gurl Larownda:
"whats poppin my porcelain delicacy?"
"hey honey booboo child, sorry i can't talk right now, I'm havin some problems--Torisha is wasted"
"how wasted?"

when Tinkle hung up the phone he remembered reading a sign that there was a rave in the far away land of
so chi and Tinkles put on their candy and their pacifiers, and headed to the world of rave babies.
once they got there, they immediately got mad face time, which is what they had been looking for the whole day: a social place full of peace, love, unity, and respect.
then, the bass dropped.

and with in seconds, both their faces melted off, causing them to ask one another:

the sun went down
and then
the sun came up
which meant that it was time for chi and tinkles to depart.
a subtle, lazy day fit:

tee; ames bros (my friend jade's). jeans; citizens of humanity (cut up). flannel; canyon river blues. shoes; converse. 

[i just cut up some slits on the knees and cut out every other one]

stay beautiful my friends.
love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. 


how do you feel?

today's inspirations:

today's outfit:
 vest; vintage. cardigan; free people. skirt; h&m. shirt; cut up UO dress. shoes; minnetonka.
added some beautiful studs to this skirt to spice things up a bit. i bought the, off ebay and they are super easy to pinch onto your clothes. 
vest; cut up UO. shirt; rebecca taylor. skirt; zara. shoes; via spiga.

today's conclusion:

peace & love,