white crochet sweater; mink pink. black lace corset bra; free people. black vest; h&m. flannel; thrift store. jeans; vintage.

today i have a little butch and a little woman styled into my outfit. i frequently indulge in my passion for oversized macho man shirts [like this red flannel cutoff], which naturally ends up with me wearing my MC hammer type sweat pants. sadly, but maybe also adorably, i end up looking like a small boy. so this time i decided to spice up the manly with some girly flava. i wore a lacy black bra with a semi conservative white crochet sweater and a black leather biker vest for some sass. scroll down for some sick vests i found 8-)

 backpack; american apparel.

 vests on vests on vest:
 via black pyramids; via chictopia.

 via chictopia. via chictopia.

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converse to jeffreys or vice versa?

necklace; free people. long sleeve crop; american apparel. belt; urban outfitters. harem pants; brunello cucinelli. socks; hospital socks. heels; jeffrey campbell. 

backpack; american apparel.

 nail polish; essie luxe. [its a cover coat that puts bronze flakes on top of your base coat... it reflects rasta colors in the light]

 this post is like one of those typical magazine 'day/night outfits,' which i'm not really a fan of because they usually have a girl in study outfit with a collared shirt and a knee-high skirt [or something of the sort] and then POOF! they have the girl take off her pastel colored cardigan, unbutton her shirt a little, and switch her steve madden flats for some black ysl platform pumps.. and they think they have presented the best solution to the im-to-lazy-to-change-before-going-out..do-you-think-its-okay-that-i-just-wear-these-leggings-to-the-party kind of people....wellllllll i find those typical magazine takes kinda lame and not my style [but, hey, everyone's style is different...so i'm not judging...just giving some productive criticism] anywhooooo i pretty much did what these magazines do except i chose to switch some comfy, brilliant red converse with some passive suede black jeffrey heels. 
this doesn't mean that i'm saying converse aren't night shoes [cause i definitely pull that move on the daily], i meannnnn you could even be wearing these black heels at school and rock the converse at night just in case you know you're gonna [maybe] get a little drunky later and you don't want to fall on your ass in the snow on your way to a frat from your heel slipping....of course i'm speaking hypothetically since i am only 18 and haven't ever placed my hands on a keystone light! 
in conclusion, i believe that you can be super bold with your choice of shoes to match with an outfit...so choose wisely, recklessly, and individualistically because, personally, when i meet someone for the first time i always look at his/her pair of shoes to know a lil somin somin about their personality. [and i'm speaking the truf]

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lace crop top; wasteland (cali thrift store). floral shirt; topshop. pants; cheap mondays. jean vest; levis. beanie; jcrew. shoes; doc martins.
earrings; vintage.

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

There is this stage in our lives where we begin to form our individual identities in this unraveling world. As children we had a passive dependence on our community, which restrained us from realizing the condition that time inevitably places us in. Once we part from our sheltered lives, the veil of ignorance falls away from our eyes and we see the world standing naked in front of us. Truths are no longer hidden, forcing us into an existential crisis to form our own identities and realize what we truly want from our existence. Therefore, chi and i believe that life should be led with peace. Whats the point in creating negative energy in this world where we have limited time? Such energy only induces the suffering that we already feel subconsciously due to our fixed existence. Thus, peace should be the principle we all live by.
love you dearly.
the twins:
gi and chi

this art piece is found on an amazing online clothing and art store called the imagination foundation. they make t-shirts imprinted with philosophical graphics like this picture above. you definitely must check it our here.

~as the sphere of knowledge expands, so does the mystery that surrounds it~

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safari land [rawr]

shirt; dairy fashion. high-waisted shorts; american apparel. tights; american apparel (cut up). boots; vintage (mom).

how to properly recklessly cut your tights:
step 1. get scissors
step 2. pinch a section of your tights with your thumb and index finger
step 3. take your scissors 
step 4. cut dat shih!
step 5. widen the cut with your hands to create some runs
step 6. if a run in your tights were to happen that you did not want... get clear nail polish and polish the run

i got this super sick dress/shirt at a vintage indian store in longboat key, florida. this store is that kind of store that you usually ignore because you can't tell whether the store's clothes are for the elderly or whether they are age neutral yet it looks like its leaning more towards the elderly type of store...anywaysssssss, i walked in the store with Gi because i was feeling ambitious and little did i know that they had the dopiest/edgy/vintage/indian section of clothes in the back of the store that had the chillest oversized everything [which i love, of course]. so, in conclusión, never surpass a questionable clothing store because (1) it may have the coolest stuff e.v.e.r. and (2) if you truly know how to concoct an outfit...you should have the ability to rock and kind of clothing...even questionable/awkward/florida/elderly/pastel-colored clothes.....ya..


some safari:
wedges; dolce vita.

cut-out dress; wasteland.

shorts; nasty gal.

 shirt; unif.

ring; threadsence.

not safari...but i couldn't help myself. yes.
dress; cameo.

.gô förth åñd pēt àń âñįmåł.
loveeeeee alffffalffffaaaa

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up the energy

Dartmouth weather can be deceiving in the winter. As you can see from the picture above, we have a giant cupcake-formed pile of snow in the center of our campus ground and then we have decrepit trees and grass hopelessly trying to grasp the tiniest ray of sunlight from in between the clouds. This unpredictable weather can take a toll on a person's disposition. But I refuse to be brought down by this stupid weather! Instead, I make the effort to put life back into the feeble atmosphere. So, I put on a pair of vibrant leggings, some fringe with gold beads and an oversized poncho with more FRINGE! And to top it all off, I put on my neon orange winter jacket. When I walk outside with this lively outfit, I can feel my energy spreading to the nature around me, giving it the boost it needs to finally change seasons and make it SPRING ALREADY!! 

poncho; uniq. leggings; nasty gal. fringe shirt; topshop.

necklace; ebay!

If you're having the same weather trouble in your town, here are a few key articles of clothing that I believe will boost your nature's spirit:
via mara hoffman. via nasty gal. 

 via mara hoffman.
via chictopia

Soon enough, we will feel this warmth.
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