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motivation- sum 41

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 
shirt; unif. high waisteds; american apparel. shoes; jeffrey campbell.

[before breaking my sh*t on the floor]

ring; ebay. braceletes (top to bottom); spanish vintage, cut-out from a glove, nasty gal, mexican vintage.

glove; urban outfitters. skeleton necklace; ebay.

maxi skirt; sauce.

shorts; friend of mine.
tee; unif. muschle tee; unif.

tee; lazy oaf. bag; kreepsville 666.

sweater; unif.
holster bodice; one teaspoon.

left; unif. right; religion.

tee; lazy oaf. sweater; wildfox.
snapback; kreepsville 666. choker; nasty gal.

(awesome) platforms; wildfox.

platforms; wildfox.

(plastic? yes.) vest; two weeks.

leggings; tripp nyc. thigh highs; nasty gal.

vest; pixie market.

overalls; rothco.

long fur vest; cobra shop.

chokers; deadstock.

sunnies; deadstock.


with an infinite amount of love,

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 jacket; s.w.o.r.d. pants; vintage pink shirt; american apparel. white shirt; vintage. fringe jacket; spanish moss. boots; jeffrey campbell. hat; urban outfitters. sunnies; spanish moss.

i have been on the search for the perfect pair of circular sunnies. a few weeks ago i stumbled upon these beauties on spanish moss's website and decided they were the ones. they took a few weeks to arrive because my debit card got declined......[woopsies!] but they finally came in yesterday afternoon, and although it was already dark outside i just couldn't resist waiting one more day. in my defense, i believe sunnies are an accessory and accessories can be worn at any time of the day! so i wore these at night, some people didn't understand, but in the end i looked like a fabulous impersonation of the three blind mice! so in the end everyone wins :)

do you like the look?
well here are more circular sunnies for your enjoyment:
 via spanish moss

via topshop

via topshop
via nasty gal
via wasteland
via wasteland
via topshop
 via nasty gal
via ray ban

if you want to look like this stud, you know what to do. 

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