abstract simplicity

dress; seneca rising. heels; senso.

simple dollhouse dress, right?

syke! we've got some sultry cutouts to give the dress some refreshing swag.

wrist cuff; free people.

the complex structure of this dress made the outfit, so there was no need for an accessory overload...just a pair of jeffreys and a simple wrist cuff did the job. xoxo chichi swag

 jeans; tripp. shirt; american apparel. shoes; messeca. belt; american apparel.

accessories; vintage.

from far away these jeans look like typical cheetah print pants, but once you look closely you see that there are actually cheetahs imprinted within the pants! That is the wonderful abstract simplicity of my outfit. 

more abstract simplicities:

via wasteland

sometime the simple complexities within your clothing is all you need to make a perfectly unorthodox/dope look...happy new year homies!

--from the twins--