totes my coats

So a coat can say a lot about you. For instance...
 a. I'm a skier from the 80's

b. I'm that girl from the breakfast club

 d. or once again, I'm a skier from the 80's (or a baby bear cub, rawr!)

                                                           If any of these looks appeal to you:
                                                                  a) obermeyer ski wear 
                                                                  b) b.b. dakota    
                                                                  c) talbots
                                                                  d) l.l. bean

If not, here are some other some other options:

poncho; need supply. faux fur jacket; asos

aviator jacket; ebay. fur collar jacket; free people

[cheap] vintage levis 
blue jean; ebay. black jean; ebay

nylon jackets
air force jacket; asos . duffle jacket; asos

navajo parka; asos. quilted parka; asos.