the ringling brovs

our day at the Ringling Museum.
the museum featured john and mamble ringling's mansion, museum of art, and circus equipment. john ringling was one of the five founding brothers of the ringling brothers circus. the ringling brothers circus that was founded in 1884 and was also one of the largest and best-running circuses of its time in the united states.

turtle neck crop; american apparel. skirt; sans souci. maxi dress; ya [los angeles]. boots; steve madden.

necklace; urban outfitters. ring; nasty gal.

backpack; italian vintage (mama).

ani (left): top; discovery. skirt; brandy melville. arm bracelet; blue planet. sandals; discovery. hat; urban outfitters. earrings; discovery.
gi (right): top; lucky. bra; urban outfitters. high waisted pants; cheap monday. belt; forever 21. socks; vintage. shoes; urban outfitters. bag; italian vintage.
mushroom earrings; thrift store.

walking fingerz. . .

a stunning rose from Mable Ringling's rose garden.

the Ringling's house on the gulf in Sarasota.

i don't think that a definition for fashion exists, but i guess i understand what you're trying to say my main man!

after the ringling adventure, we ate at salty dog, a dank restaurant on the harbor overlooking waters of the gulf of mexico. . . so dank.
anyway my brov got a plate that was featured in man vs. food: the salty dog challenge, containing a fried hotdog with six different cheeses, bacon, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and sour krout. yack. he finished the meal, but he cheated....he asked for no sour krout and peeled off the cheese that was on his last two bites. CHEATER. but well done brov...well...done...
[human traffic. grand movie, just grand!]


...some more snippets from the days of our [me and gi's] lives...
lallapalööza '11
[contacts from downtown LA]

dankity dank

my confused body after a rusko show

sour gummy worms (aka squirms) are THE BEST. fur realz.
they're perfect when you need something to chew on

his name is arnold... say bye to arnold!

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