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today i had an awkward photoshoot. my silly silly sister chi never feels like taking my blog pictures so i was forced to use the self timer and take pictures by myself... i felt like i was repeating the universal myspace phase from back in the day. no offense to chi, but i think these pictures turned out better than the ones she takes of me MUAHAHAHA -.-

below is a drawing i drew for class the other day. i had to interpret a poem by wallace stevens, thirteen ways of looking a blackbird. the birds symbolize higher intelligence and the unknown due to their metaphorical proximity to the higher energies of the universe. their black essence symbolizes the mysteries of the unknown and pure potential. when we lose perception of "blackbirds", our desire for higher knowing is lost. we lose interest in unveiling our inner depths and acting on our inherent impulses that expose us to the light of our own consciousness. so we become complacent with a rational mind, setting us on a mundane path of the ordinary. revel in the mysteries. 

Peace & Love,

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