once upon a time...

...i was blogging late in the evening after a good days worth of walking, eating, and being efficient. i was on the prowl for that new totally rad fashion blog that would put me into a natural daze. then, after a moment or two, i discovered

it was the blog that finally had the power to put me into a fashion COMMA...dude.

the styling mastermind: casey.
haircolor: red.
eye color: blue.
interesting fact: inspired by neoteric mystical jewelry, madstones, tuareg, egyptian, voodoo charms, sharks and snakepits, canyons and sunsets.

after scrolling down her site for maybe ten seconds, i became a slave for her totally rad style. so i decided to interview her and find out more about a fellow blogger homie:

 Standard question, what drove you to start blogging? Slash what made you decide to start voicing your style on the inter web?

I was reading personal style blogs for about a year before I decided to start my own. The first "main" three blogs that inspired me were Oracle Fox, Disarming Darling, and Jazzy McG. I felt like I could relate to their aesthetic and thought, hey, I can do this too. So, I bought a cheap camera and it was all over from there. I try to keep it real in my posts - I type how I speak. I hope people get a kick out of my brain activity.

I love your outlandish ways when it comes to putting clothes together. Is there a theory behind your personal style? Pretty much, what goes on through your head when you're putting together a rad outfit?

I am horrible at planning. This goes for both buying and styling. I buy pieces, not outfits. Likewise, I put together pieces when getting dressed...multiple times. After much frustration and hating the combinations I make, eventually I come to an agreement with myself and usually run out of time. Typically this ends up with me in an outfit that doesn't make much sense with a pile of jewelry on. Clashing patterns, mixing eras, and throwing on some boots to finish it off. It somehow works.

3) Lets get a little deep here, do you remember a certain incidence in your childhood that led to you realizing that fashion is your sh*t?

I've always liked to dress outside of the norm while incorporating the less mainstream trends into my wardrobe. I've been rocking floral dresses with combat boots and spiked necklaces since middle school or before. Once I got into my career and had enough money to spend on clothing, I started developing my style more intentionally and continue to evolve my personal tastes.

4) What doors has the world of blogging opened for you in the fashion industry or just for yourself?

I've gotten the chance to meet up with like-minded bloggers, work with rad sponsors, and have taught myself to work with photoshop and lightroom. I edit all of my own photos, and with practice I can now feel confident in photo editing if something ever arrises where I will get the opportunity to do it elsewhere. I'm pretty hyped on that!

5) Last question! You go to some super cool places for your blog shots, which makes me real curious about your lyfeeee. Would you mind telling me about yourself? Maybe some fun hobbies or interests?

I recently moved to California from the midwest, where I have since been traveling and living all over the state. Right now I am finishing up my two month vacation before I move to Los Angeles for good. I absolutely LOVE traveling, and I am most hyped when I am able to spend time outdoors. The weather is fantastic here, so I get to be out in the sun rather often. I try to jump on every opportunity to do something I've never done (except theme parks, no roller coasters EVER.) I am all about experiences! Living life, man. I love being on the beach, in the desert, on the road, and asleep. :-)

Other hobbies of mine include: Reconstructing clothing, watching Japanese anime, playing with the love of my life - my dog, doing hair and makeup, making funny videos, reading, thrifting, and breaking the law.

i picked a few of my have fits...dont be silly, and click HERE to see more strawberry freckleface...

its from bloggers like casey that i feed off for inspiration. a chick that puts together bold outfits with clashing colors and makes it WERK. its easy to see in her photos that she wears these unorthodox outfits with confidence in her styling sense. thats all it takes to pull off a dope fit.  so i applaud her for her audacious DGAF self!

peace & love,
Gi and Chi

don't forget to keep it real...