what are you scared of?

i thought it was time for another inspiration board. not just for me, but for you too. this time I'm going to take you through a photographic journey and hopefully you gain some inspiration yourself. 


now look at these...

now, what do you feel?

which sequence gave you more comfort, and which one made you more nervous?

what drove you to be more comfortable with one and more nervous with the other?

the colors?
the simplicity or the abstractness?
the familiarities or the unknown?

the sequence that made you most uncomfortable triggered a suppressed fear of yours. that fear stems from the universal fear of failure. it is human nature to immediately categorize something as unnerving when it poses as a threat to your survival or success. that unnerving sequence screamed of mystery and the unknown so your mind shut it down due to the fear of failing when taking the risk of discovering that mystery.

you probably think I'm going nuts for writing about fear and the unknown when this is a fashion blog, but this idea is what allowed me to grow in fashion.

most people wear clothing that they feel comfortable in. they probably noticed someone else wearing the outfit and thought it was a safe bet to wear something similar that they know others will like. these people most likely felt more comfortable with the second sequence of pictures because it felt more familiar and safe. but when you become complacent with taking the safer choices, you'll never grow because you already know what the outcome of that choice will be. its when you finally decide to discover the unfamiliar and wear something that no one has worn before that you grow because the outcome of that choice is unexpected. some might think the look is strange and others will applaud you for your originality. the more you take those risks and confront your fear of failing and unwanted judgement, the more comfortable you get with discovering the unknown, and the more you grow. thats when the first sequence of pictures becomes just as comforting and the second.

its empowering to confront your fears.

"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time."
~mark twain