grünge twïnergy

intensify your personality through of your apparel.
for example, I [chi-$] have been obsessed with the following themes lately: grunge/dull-colors/80s/grim/expressive yet simple makeup. therefore, what i'm wearing here is a sort of product my currents inspirations slash idolizations. i collectively view my 'obsessions' as a sort of inspiration board for how i decide to dress myself during an era in my ever-changing style.

in conclusion, dress however the fu*k you feel, because styling yourself is one decision in your life that you have complete control of.

leggings; american apparel. hat; urban outfitters. flannel; vintage. socks; vintage [taken from a friend :)]. shoes; croix. shirt; VINTAGE [dad's].

shirt; vintage [found it in my closet]. dress; urban outfitters. socks; old soccer socks. shoes; nike.

safety pin = industrial piercing
make-up = M.A.C.
choker = super rad

a sort of inspiration board of my current 'obsessions'