This past term, a thoughtful fellow met our acquaintance. With a book in hand and raging passion peering through his 1950s specs, the thoughtful fellow made a request, "I need you two to design big black dresses for the upcoming play I'm directing." 

Naturally, we respond, "Word."

Chiara asks, "Now, what are our boundaries?"

The thoughtful fellow responded, "None. They just need to be cryptic and grim."

Us, "Perfect, we kindly oblige."

Day 1: "Chiara, we've got to start making moves. Have you done anything?"
"Shoot. Me neither. Lets at least start psychoanalyzing the characters.."

Day 4: "Chiara, lets go to new york to get crazy materials for the dresses."
"Like what? And are you sure you want to go to new york for just the dresses, or is there something else motivating you?"
"Well, Butch Clancy is DJ-ing too.."

Day 7: (in new york) "So Gi, what did you buy?"
"Some bones and shells."

[3 hours later, on the car ride home]

"Chi, where is the bag of bones?"
"Shit, I dont know. You bought them."
"F*ck. I think I threw them out with the subway."
"Perfect, so new york was a bust. But hey Butch Clancy was dope."
"You right."   -.-

Day 12: "Things are looking good Chi, although I'm not really sure what you're planning on doing with that vampire collar..."
"Don't worry about it Gi. I've got it under control."
"Are you sure? It doesn't really make sense right now."
Twirling her hair, "Gaia, chill. We still need to figure out the wiring."
"Fur sure dude."
As you can imagine, this twin-management talk carried on for the next week until it was showtime... 

Play: Slowly
By: Howard Barker
Synopses: Four princesses debating their fate as barbarians near their kingdom. Having only lived a life of conformity within their set boundaries of royalty, these four princesses are forced to realize their human agency as the question becomes suicide or escape.

Meet Princess Bell:
the curious one

Meet Princess Sign:
the resolute one

Meet Princess Paper:
the schizophrenic one, not in the literal sense..but maybe a little bit

Meet Princess Calf:
the wise one

Meet the director, the thoughtful fellow himself, Gabriel Rodriguez...back stage with the beautiful princesses.

it's crazy to think that a simple request from a thoughtful fellow led to our realization of what it means to follow a dream and how good it feels when you start inching your way there.