feed the models

mission: create a sustainable dress that speaks to body image issues for the AnyBody Fashion Show.

[...chi thinks to herself "body image issues for me = candy & cigarettes.... word"]

supplies (found objects): skittles wrappers & masking tape & felt table cloth & cig packs & spray paint

[...chi thinks to herself, again "what should the theme be? 
... feed the models. that sounds cool, done. 
time to make a silhouette with a garbage bag and masking tape. 
bop bop.. bop"]

props to my hawt friend/model allie lau for dealing with this beautiful catastrophe--the dress.

step 1. compose a rough draft with pins
 top; skittles/tape/garbage bag. skirt; felt table cloth/safety pins

 step 2. doodle... because i dont know what else to do.. 
 ...and add a random black wire and some safety pin [as per usual]

step 3. cut up the top, close the top with a black chain, add some googly eyes to the skirt, and paste some cigarette packs/ skittles wrappers/ random sh*t that has to do with my issues on the skirt

step 4. give her a hat and a cigarette
...and lets go outside to aimlessly, yet gesturally?, spray paint the fu*k out of this dress

step 5. form a face made of tape on allie's back... a by product of boredom, which ensues accomplishment 
you (allie) along with every other person in this world is beautiful *.*
side note:: one's body does not gauge one's beauty. one's beauty lies within (as cliché as that sounds), but one has to realize that the only way for others to see such beauty is if you give it life through your words and actions.