recreational times

dress; ebay. vest; forever 21. crop top; brandy la. shoes; steve madden.

i have finally won a bid war with ebay for this AHmazing tail dress. i wore it especially on this day because the wind was blowing so whenever i walk outside the tail flies up from behind and it makes me feel like a superhero with a cape. this is why i love fashion, because it allows me to feel like i have superpowers. who wouldn't want such a gift!? 
 sunnies; number a.

the following pictures were taken from a party i went to last night that was themed after the great gatsby. although it was hard to get a perfect 1920s look, most of the guests pulled it off pretty well [plus or minus a few decades]. enjoy....
dress; american gold.

i got this dress from the american gold collection in spanish moss. the design is inspired by old california vintage and folk art. they are the perfect store if you are ever looking for articles of clothing with vibrant patterns a lots of fringe. 

                                                                                    my beautiful mother--mama santi :)      

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