the male counterpart

we are all looking for the [special] one... i guess. i mean i just don't want to be alone [even though i know i can count on my twin and her boyfriend letting me live in their crib in the futurity]. thank god my mom's ovum split in two, or i'd probably be alone for the rest of my life!
anywho, here's my inspiration board for the so-called ONE...

[a pic explaining the basics]
requirements listend below, with an exemplary picta:
 an innovative mind


[nah, just one who can maintain his sense of style]

i mean... its bob 



swag on swag on swag 


 brains [in a phrenological sense]

some more swag 


right brained 

must have had swag at age 1 

stays active

if i were to choose two well-rounded men that embody all these trait...these are the guys i'm talkin about.
they're a perfect match for me and gi.

well that's wasssssup

[had to add some comical street art]
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