dress: mango. crop top; topshop. chiffon; american apparel. socks; urban outfitters.

last night was one of those nights where i just HAD to buy a large sausage & peppers pizza at 2 in the morning. i was pretty happy about the idea during the time. the pizza even came with smiley face fries :) i ended up falling asleep on my friends futon with the pizza box on my stomach and my hand grasping one of the slices in the box [but sadly that slice didn't make it all the way to my mouth]. of course, i wake up at 7 a.m. parched. i take a moment of reflection: hands are greasy, makeup is smudged, teeth are not brushed, and belly is about to exceed its maximum level of expansion. wow, last night just had to be one of those nights. damn. well, the following few hours involved my uncomfortable self slowly standing up without trying to burst my bloat and basically dragging my body to my room [we just weren't on the same page]. after a quick breath, and a bowl of cheerios, it was time to stand in front of my wardrobe and ponder: "since i feel awkward and am involuntarily burping up those damn green peppers, i want to dress cute and pretend like weird things aren't happening inside of my body. BUT, i need to take into account the animal growing out of my stomach." in conclusion, i came up with this outfit. a loose dress, and an even looser crop top to hide my problems. its kind of funny, because i put a face to the uncooperative animal flourishing in my stomach: a cute raccoon! so in the end, we all win :)

earrings; vintage.

if you want to put a cute face to your bodily issues too, check out these picks:

maybe you have a strange rash on your legs, and need this adorbs maxi skirt to make it all better:
via ebay.

say you developed an ear infection:
via etsy.

via topshop; via topshop.

have you ever had a blister on your finger? well this elephant ring is your remedy.

have a grand weekend!! if you're tempted to order a late night muchie, just know that i understand. and its okay.

peace & love.

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