for the graphically inclined...

 hello derrrrrr,

i havent been on my blog game recently with loads and loads of silly academia. but its OKAY cuz i have a shopping post for you!! i was looking online a few days ago and found this amazing store called aloha from deer. this store is HEAVEN! their specialty is printing realist graphic designs on sweaters. the aesthetic of the sweaters are perfect and the pictures they choose to print on them are so edgy. check out their website and you will be utterly pleased. 

here is a sneak peak of one of their sweaters:

 sweater; aloha from deer.

and here are a few more swaggy graphics, feast your eyes!! 

shirt;  romwe.

 leggings; romwe.

leggings; romwe.

 oversized sweater; cobra snake.

shirt; gobbolino.
beepboopbeep---->ring; romwe.

 hair bow; gobbolino.

 oversized shirt; lazy oaf.

sweater; lazy oaf.

 shirt; lazy oaf.

 crop; 777.

dress; black pyramid.

leggings;  romwe.

 sweater; wild fox.

shirt; wild fox.

crop sweater; cobra snake.

dress; pixie market.

peace and love,