the industrial

halloween time is on its way so it isn't surprising that dolls kill would have a 20% off sale on all items, seeing as how their thematic merchandise, for the most part, always possesses eerie and almost sadistic qualities. the other day i realized that one of the main reasons why i love dolls kill is because all of the clothes they present to their female consumers have underlying industrial peculiarities, meshing characteristics from a predominantly male domain with feminine attire. so when i see that dolls kill has a black jumpsuit--comparable to a workman's uniform--with cut out portions of the fabric covering the thigh area  to make it look like a garter, i feel like it is industrialized; exhibiting strength, toughness, durability, and ruggedness. in other words, it encompasses what i see as grunge style

the jumpsuit i was referencing:

gartered jumpsuit; one teaspoon.

patent leather skinnies; filles a papa.

mickey hat; sauce

dress; unif.

 dress #2; unif.
dress sweater; unif.

gartered leggings; widow.

booties; unif.

booties #2; wanted.