the little fellow

hello world,

so i had a problem this morning. i woke up in my footie pajamas freezing my panties off!! wouldn't you expect footies to be great insulators to protect you from the cold. well i guess not. so my morning became an epic struggle. when i finally got out of bed, i jumped into an oversized cotton poncho to retain some heat, and then the poncho let me down too because the cold would just crawl up from underneath the garment. so then i thought, why not wear some overalls where my whole upper body is covered and no heat can slip up from below. well, thats exactly what i did. then, somehow, my outfit ended up making me look like a cute little british fellow, and i LOVED it. so the whole day i was prancing around like a happy squirrel who just found some nom noms. when evening came and i was prancing back home to my gypsy cabin, i discovered this church and thought that it would be the perfect supplement to my peculiar outfit. so chichi wopped out our camera and took some fabulous pix. enjoy!
overalls; ebay. belt; urban outfitters. blouse; american apparel. leggings; thrifted. socks; urban outfitters.
constipated smiley ring '~'
my typical collaboration of cross necklaces. 
scarf and sweater; vintage.

peace and love,