welcome to LONDON friends. this past week, we went to London with pops and documented our travels. take a looksie!

tying my shoes from OFFICE for our first night out in london.

we got to see one of our favorite stores in REAL LYFE! 
and another!!
and VW's fabulous store!

big ben 

on our way to the tower of london...

anne boleyn got to chiell in this here 'traitors' gate' before she was beheaded. medieval london gave no mercy >:O 

tower bridge

we were lucky enough to come across some rad street art... its such a thrill to find the renowned pieces in person. we found a banksy tucked away in a sketch alley in Mayfair, London. it was right around the corner from a prominent shopping street infested with costly stores..
 shop 'til you drop
[commentary on black friday]

this piece is by CLET, and italian street artist from Florence. his signature works are modified streets signs, this being one of them in SOHO, London
obstructed 'no entry' sign

every taxi in london is made by the same company and they all look like this. SO CUYTE. below is  one of the many differently ornamented taxis and i love reese's so i had to take a picture..the cabbie wasn't as excited as i was...

in the underground waiting for the tube..

camden market:

portobello market:

here are some awesome london stores i think you guys should check out:

this store debuts londen's best street style shoes. 


this store is soooooo strange/weird/cray but i love it! you haveeee to look at this site...its total eye candy.