our friend, liz

here's our friend lizzy j. she's an avid thrifter currently studying the ways of fashion merchandising and designing at SCAD. her style is forgivingly spasmodic, intermixing layers of polar patterns and textures with modest bursts of contrasting colors to create a bewildering yet successful array. every now and then i attempt to consolidate garments possessing opposing patterns but its hard for me to do so without feeling as though i am threatening the outfit's integrity. there is a point at which pattern combination succumbs to incomprehensibility and one is left with the exterior assumption of dissociative personality disorder. so then i ask myself: how does one tastefully integrate seemingly incompatible patterns without looking stylistically naive?
my conclusion: confidence.

wear whatever the f**k you want and as long as you reek of confidence your pattern-infested outfit is going to look credible. obviously if you don't feel confident in what you're wearing then there must be some sort of constructive disparity somewhere in your creation. however, once that is fixed and your outfit personally feels functional you'll naturally gain a sense of confidence and rock that sh*t, hard.

[everything liz is wearing is thrifted so the origins of her pieces are unknown]
collar on collar

most people are other people. their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation. oscar wilde

dont seek external affirmation on personal decisions. it mutes the idiosyncrasies that mark your existence, causing your self-confidence to evaporate from the seemingly unfathomable heat of controversy. you are but the product of your own thoughts. and your thoughts create your reality. so if you like what you wear and you think its a brilliant collaboration of colors/patterns/textures, then that's the feedback your reality with give you. a fantastical imagination goes a long way..