so random

this post is quite undirected...
it starts with aliens
slides into camouflage
dabbles with creepers

and then gets even more led astray with some uncoordinated shoes and clothes picks

delve into my schizo thought processing/ decision making...
 beanie; jac vanek.
muscle tee; jac vanek.

camo jacket; jac vanek.

camo/denim jacket; pixie market.


im obsessed with creepers, so my christmas trip to london this year is going to consist of finding the most peculiar pair of creepers. in the meantime, here are some creepers that have briskly distinctive qualities:
 leather spiked/zippered ones; underground.

 navy velvet ones; underground.

baby-blue suede ones; underground.

sparkly black ones; lazy oaf.


on the other hand, here are some non-creeper atypical shoes i came across that are RADical:
 patent leather boots; lazy oaf.
western style booties; jeffrey campell.

folded pixie booties; pixie market

blue tassel flats; emma go.

.dank miscellaneous clothes. 
[the first three options would be comfortable and complimentary for new years debauchery]
cut-out flannel dress; unif

leather pocket dress; pixie market.

skeletal tee; stolen girlfriends club.

super flared bell-bottoms; unif.

rose embellished leggings; tot.

keep it real homiez