its all about ALONZO

pants; roberto cuccinelli. gloves; urban. vest; vintage. sweater; urban. hat; vintage.

buddddddddhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (ebay)

oh...hey der.
mickey mouse suspenders; vintage. socks; nora's shoe store. sweater; brandy la. blouse; vintage. pants; vintage.
so when chiara and i made our voyage to the melancholic London, we made a stop to the store we cant stop ranting about......UNDERGROUND, the wonderful store that breeds these even more wonderful shoes. to all of the shawties reading this post: i know how it feels to be two inches away from being dubbed a legal midgit and constantly having to strain my neck to talk to all dem tall bitchez. so take my advice and invest in a pair of these shoes!!! theyre fashionable, they're platforms, and they increase your swagg by an inch and a half! 
his name is alonzo [or alfonso when he's feeling promiscuous]. he's our house rat! now, where i live, panarchy, may look like it births rats from within its decrepit timber walls [and occasionally it does]... BUT, you will be happy to hear that this speacial rat didnt make its grandiose debut while scrapping through our week old rubbish, but rather while in his loving owner's arms after being adopted from his animal shelter... WE RESCUED A RAT! i know i know, it sounds like a totally alternative, hipster move because, i mean, who rescues rats.....right?!?! although that was not our motive, alonzo is quite the hipster himself. reason #1: he raves. reason #2: he raves with a cape on [pictured below]. reason #3: he's a damn young money ca$h money STUNNNAAHH! alonzo's honorable qualities dont end there....hes gone through some rough times. our little fellow is blind in his right and is paraplegic. so we have got to give this guy a big round of applause for his courageous and swagg-tastic nature. 
alonzo with his bootiful owner Shelby.

peace & love,