animalestique, c'est magnifique

in order to create an outfit, i begin with a muse -- a typical preliminary step for most artists. my muse for today's outfit was this awesome black cat shirt that i got from an awesome friend of mine [sara mccall--find her on facebook...she's hawt]. the reason that i bartered this tee for one of my favorite sweaters is because good animal face-tees are hard to find. normally, such tees constrict the animal's visage to the front and center of the shirt, which is displeasing because then the theme of the shirt seems underdeveloped. however, with the production of my specific tee featured below, the company actually capitalizes on the animalistic theme by expansing the visage throughout the surface area of the shirt, captivating onlookers with its overwhelming effect. so, upon finding myself in a reverie ignited by this muse, i figured i take this primitive theme further by adding a jungle print snapback accompanied by a pair of tights expressing a moonlit sky. 

this is the result:

hat; urban outfitters. cat shirt; fab. tunic; american apparel. jacket; urban outfitters. gloves; urban outfitters. tights; urban outfitters. boots; docs. necklace; california vintage.

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sweater; alice takes a trip.

sweater; alice takes a trip.

muscle tee; sway chic.

dress; pixie market.