geometric textiles

hello derrrrrrr,

sweater; vintage. pants; joe's [cut by chi]. scarf; vintage. hat; urban outfitters. socks; urban outfitters. shoes; the office.
jacket; vintage. gloves; urban outfitters. red sweater; american apparel.
some geometric garments for your pleasure:
blouse; the ragged priest.
shorts; etsy.
white&yellow; pixie market. white&black; pixie market.
 dress; pixie market.
 leggings; black milk. catsuite; black milk.
bodysuite; black milk.
heels; envi shoes.
hand jewelry; number a.
shirts; alex gray.

the music that is playing right now comes from three amazing artists collectively know as Moonrise Nation. as you can already tell, theyre HELLA dope. all of their songs are written by them and so are the instrumentals. check out their music on their soundcloud page HERE and dont be afraid to spread the word homiez!!

now take a few moments to bath in their musical grace: