goddess or savage?

this post is from me and chichis birthday last week.
we decided to just have lots of beautiful goddesses over 
and sprinkle them with fairy dust [glitter] and bindis!
chichi got cranky after a while as usual
but then i gave her a treat and she was CHIELLIN.
i hung out with my good friend mr. bodhisattva while he was makin moves on getting enlightened and what not.
then after a while of feelin his good vibes, I'm pretty sure i became enlightened too!
he told me to stop searching and creating expectations and start
DISCOVERING! and so i did. 
and through his wise words, i met all these wonderful gypsies who made my summer full of wonder and adventure. 
 not only did my gypsies teach me a lot this summer, but so did the lovely woman below. 
full of energy
and strength.
because of all these women, i ultimately learned that we must stay

forever beautiful savages.