happy daze

yes, we still hoopin

i bought this awesome necklace at an underground music festival in venice. the festival had open coconuts with juice inside and vegan food and hella beautiful jewelry. the girl who sold me this makes amazing gypsy jewelry. she is about to open up her own etsy store, but for now check out her site here.
 danky steak panini from Coral in Westwood

dress; cut up vintage jean skirt. maxi vest; thrust maxi dress cut down the middle. boots; brunello cuccinelli. beanie; brunello cuccinelli. earring; nasty gal. lipstick; mac. 

 pink berry. ayay

chi$ pool pics

a pretty prime heel click, weeee!

i feel like its that part of summer where people are starting to feel the stress of having to go back to school and the real world. they start looking back on the summer and having regrets like it could've been better or they may be looking ahead feeling the stress of an unexpected future. i just want whoever is thinking these natural thoughts to know that although the summer is nearing an end, it doesn't mean the fun and discovery has to come to an end too. we are in control of our destinies. so if you're feeling overwhelmed from your thoughts or the situation you're in, just know that you have the power to change that. if you feel stress, why let it linger and crush your spirits? 

i feel like people sometimes wait for the bad feeling inside of them to go away or for the bad situation they are in to magically change with time and they forget that they have the human capacity to change it themselves. i know what I'm saying may seem obvious and simple, but honestly just take time to think about the fact that you are capable of doing anything you want to do. as long as you have the desire and  drive, its possible. 

keep calm and carry on.

Peace & Love,