gypsy flöw

my ongoing motto:
do not search; find. 

...aka when it comes to choices and decisions don't try to make your fate and create your experiences. instead, you should allow the world's flow and energy create your experiences. when i say energy i mean that initial gut feeling you have when you meet someone or walk into an unknown situation. it's the way you perceive one's body language, gesticulations, eye contact, style, language. follow your first instincts and flow, by doing so you won't create these expectations that will distract you from the beauty in the world and from those small pleasures you find when you did something totally unexpected and had the most mystical and amazing time.....not to mention, when you create such expectations, unconsciously or consciously, the result will be torment because nothing usually pans out the way you want it too [i mean we grew up watching disney channel and i still haven't seen a prince charming anywhere...kinda messed up, furrrealz]. any who find, don't search. 
peace. love. live.
my gypsies

the way i supplement this mentality of 'flowing,' i wear comfortable flowy, goddessy clothes...durr 

bra; planet blue. shirt; free people [cut up]. skirt; thrift store. 

shoes; jeffrey campbell. 
[i safety pinned the goddess skirt so that the slit down the middle was parted to each side. this made it easier to walk...and i felt hawter since my legs were out and about]


just returned from thrifting. yayayyyy
some mystical/funky/gypsy/goddess/pixie/love pictures...for you: