when the sun sets...

our trip to the indigo vortex.....
our nifty three person tent. pretty decked out id say. we defied all odds andgot 6 people comfortably snug in this tent by the end of the night.
a peak inside the tent....
now welcome my fellow wompies:
sir wompi himself.
more of grid.
mr boomie.
and mr boomie again.
candid shot.
so i had this jean levis vest for a while and i always knew that when the time came i was going to give it some gigi lovin. and the time finally came when my sister and i and a couple of our friends when camping at joshua tree. once the sun when down, we couldn't see anything but the stars in the sky. blanketed by the darkness, we only felt the rocks beneath our feet and foreign noises from the campsites around us. all in all, we became the wild things, and followed our instincts to lead us through the midst of hella ginormous jumbo rocks. it was an amazing night and because of it i painted one of the wild things on my vest. next to it is a tree with some googly eyes, too add a little but of the trippiness of the night into the picture. then for some more swag, i put a lining of red studs that i bought off ebay on the top and 3 spikes on each shoulder. and tadaaaaaaa I'm a walking memory. 

once the sun sets, its time to get weird.
 at the festival that we went to their was this woman who was dancing to the music, with a SNAKE!! it was pretty rad and pretty trippy.
[chi on the rock on the right and seraj on the rock on the left (wearing a hat that resembles finn's hat from adventure time)]
hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our peculiar lives.

peace and love,