love the chaos

i think i have finally realized why i love fashion! it is the antidote that alleviates all stress and anxiety from living in this dysfunctional phenomenon we call reality. no matter where we go or run off to, we will always find ourselves stuck in the middle of chaos. now, this is not necessarily a good thing, its a GREAT thing. if we lived in a perfect world where no one had allergies, food didnt have calories, toilet seats were always warm, scary movies had plots, magic carpets existed, and pimples were cute then there would be nothing to work for. we would live as by standers to our own lives, watching the days go by without having to lift a finger or feeling heartache. this is no way to live!! we should feel lucky to be living in this wonderful world of chaos where every day is supposed to be a struggle and its our job to find that niche that keeps us sane and gives us a sense of direction throughout the entire process. some call this their passion, or their religion. for me, [and my sister] its fashion: the medium through which i create order in my far from ordinary life. because of it i also found out a lot more about myself, not only that i'm bohemian at heart, but also that i love living in this singular reality, where unfortunately i have to wear cover up because pimples are still out of style...

anywho...here is our latest shoot, enjoy!!