modeling for dummiez

this post is dedicated to the different techniques i've picked up from taking blog pictures this past year. of course i am no top model, but these suggestions are prime especially if you are the type that takes awkward pictures that still have potential [like myself].

technique #1:
elongate the neck for maximum extension. also, if a ray of sunlight hits your face, look at it with an angelic expression as if you were one of the chubby angels in michelangelo's Cherubs painting.
 technique #2:
when in doubt, start up a conversation with an imaginary friend from the past.
technique #3:
smile with your eyes.
technique #4:
take a peek at the ground, if your lucky maybe you'll find a curious rolly polly. 
technique #5:
if you're tired of standing, do a wall sit on a tree trunk. WARNING: if you're quads start to burn and you feel drips of sweat running down your face, just play it cool and stare happily into the abyss until your picture has been taken. beauty is pain.
technique #6:
if you're trying to impress your male followers, try a seductive look: squint the eyes and smile as if constipated.
technique #7:
if no one wants to take your pictures, set your camera settings to self timer. allow for enough time to jump into an honest pose before the timer runs out.  
technique # 8:
look interestedly at your shoe. its always a safe shot when you're looking down because you dont have to worry about the camera capturing your face during a transitional facial expression.
technique #9:
if you've just seen too many non-photogenic pictures, crop your face out and the suddenly picture becomes alternative.

inspiring, huh?!
the shoes pictured below are a creation of mine from the summer. my friend had a yard sale and i found these nine west booties. as usual i studded them with a few screw-on spikes i bought off ebay and then glitzed them out with dabs of nail polish. a super fresh pair of kicks that cost me an hour of ARTS&CRAFTS fun time :)