bumpin' blouses

Cheech here:
ring; betsy johnson (ebay). 

button up; thrift store. shirt; blood is the new black. socks; urban outfitters (top), dad's (bottom). shoes; converse. 

blood is the new black is an online store that only sells shirts, but these shirts have the freshest graphics on them.. from photographs to trippy hand drawn sketches. check dat shi* out.

lets be real.. the snow has turned into slushy and seeing how i hardly own any boots or shoes with fully intact soles, i must compensate with a-layering-of-the-socks. two pairs of socks (that complement each other in color, of course) equals less cold/wet feet when i finally reach the library...which is (thankfully) of a bearable walking distance.

let me introduce you to my twin: Gi-stat...
blouse; frassy rags. tank; old cut up shirt. shorts; american apparel. tights; urban outfitters. belt; american apparel.

this blouse is from frassy rags, a fashion blog that developed into an amazing online store with vintage pick ups from all over europe. the icey blue crosses on the blouse immediately caught my eye as i surfed through her alternative finds. 
 silver cross necklace; la dama.
people think that i am a super religious christian because i wear a lot of cross necklaces and love any accessory with a cross, but I'm really not that religious. my family was the type that made my sister and i go to catechism to get confirmed and then choose whether we wanted to go to church or not after that. we both decided that praying at home when necessary was satisfactory enough (but we still go to church for christmas....most years). also while we are on the topic of religion, check out the picture at the bottom of this post...super dope skirt from black milk. 
shoes; steve madden.

skirt via  black milk.