its time to layer ladies

yup, just hanging out on my sister's desk with all her wonderful posters. for this post I wanted to show how I layered my outfit for the day. 

                                          layer 1                                                                                                layer 2  
             dress; blue life. tights; urban outfitters.                                                 sweater; wasteland (thrift store)
                                                                                                                                   ...............awkward legs................. -.-                                       
layer 3
army jacket; mikkat market.

layer 4!!!! the outfit is now complete.
jacket; spanishmoss.
(anyone notice the little smurf peaking out from underneath my dress? awesome. i love mcdonalds for welcoming him into my life.)

cross ring; ebay. knuckle ring; topshop.

boots; jeffrey campbell.
yes, these boots have been worn before. but I love them too much to neglect them in my closet. so here is a shot of the zipper, which I think is super cool. it looks like the back of the boot has its own corset. mr campbell never lets me down.