sick tree in the back
shirt; cut up tee. skirt; functional. bra; blue planet. heels; senso. arm band; blue planet.

this top used to be one of my big sleeping shirts that i cut up in order to have a brand new crop top! so this is what i did: i put it on inside out last week and i liked how loose it was on my shoulders so i attempted to cut it into a muscle shirt, but that didn't work out very well since i kinda looked like a bro going to the gym. to fix this issue, i cut more fabric off from the sleeves and then i cut the sides of the tee [at the bottom] to make it a little tighter [and of course i attached the sides with 4 safety pins]. when i was done, the crop looked plain so i made a random slit in the front of my shirt and i gave it a stitch-like look by pinning two safety pins together to form an 'X'. finito.

here's a funny that i found