mad jewels

These accessories are all truly orgasmic....especially the one right below:

rings; boticca.
arm cuff; topshop.
necklace; one little piece.

how CUTE are the next few necklaces?! they are from an online store called fab where people sell artsy artifacts that they make like these
sir foxy pants; fab.
fancy mister monkey; fab.
mr. elephant soldier; fab. count bull; fab.
ring; lazy oaf.
rings; lazy oaf.

rings; lazy oaf.

once again we've got some lazy oaf with their unorthodox, youthful designs.
cuff; nasty gal.

ear/ hair cuff; asos.
i mean.....this is kind of revolutionary..

necklace; la dama.

bracellet; bicyclette boutique. necklace; bicyclette boutique.

 cuff earring; la dama. ring; la dama.

bracelet; herej.

 ring; planet blue.

ring; planet blue. arm cuff; spanish moss.

cuff bracelet; la dama.

 ring; threadsence.double ring; threadsence.

double wrist cuffs; asos.