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always feelin' the high-waisteds
shirt; chichi cut up. pants; american apparel. 

I had to do another cut-it-yourself post because yesterday when i was chillin at the library (listening to musik and not doing work) i found this image of a skeletal middle finger on a UNIF muscle shirt and i thought it would look way cool if i cut out that image on a tee. and so i did. at the bottom of the post i put a picture of my work zone for when i made this piece. the restructuring necessities: x-acto knife, printed image, and small nail cutting scissors. first i made a stencil of the image using the x-acto knife and then i sharpie'd the stencil onto the back of an old inside-out lacrosse shirt (that has my number on the back as you can see). the next and final step, which was definitely the most time consuming step, was to cut out the stenciled image, paying careful attention to detail so as to try to show the texture of the bones. and that's it! so if you're ever looking for an activity to take your mind off things or if you want a brand new shirt, i recommend cutting up a dope image on the back of an old tee. go forth and make moves fellow homiez.

shoes; classic high-top reebok (ebay for 20 bucks.yes.)

the suppliez. caution: don't forget to add a clutch playlist to relax the mind when engaging in arts and crafts.

peace. love. unity. respect.
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