safari land [rawr]

shirt; dairy fashion. high-waisted shorts; american apparel. tights; american apparel (cut up). boots; vintage (mom).

how to properly recklessly cut your tights:
step 1. get scissors
step 2. pinch a section of your tights with your thumb and index finger
step 3. take your scissors 
step 4. cut dat shih!
step 5. widen the cut with your hands to create some runs
step 6. if a run in your tights were to happen that you did not want... get clear nail polish and polish the run

i got this super sick dress/shirt at a vintage indian store in longboat key, florida. this store is that kind of store that you usually ignore because you can't tell whether the store's clothes are for the elderly or whether they are age neutral yet it looks like its leaning more towards the elderly type of store...anywaysssssss, i walked in the store with Gi because i was feeling ambitious and little did i know that they had the dopiest/edgy/vintage/indian section of clothes in the back of the store that had the chillest oversized everything [which i love, of course]. so, in conclusión, never surpass a questionable clothing store because (1) it may have the coolest stuff e.v.e.r. and (2) if you truly know how to concoct an outfit...you should have the ability to rock and kind of clothing...even questionable/awkward/florida/elderly/pastel-colored clothes.....ya..


some safari:
wedges; dolce vita.

cut-out dress; wasteland.

shorts; nasty gal.

 shirt; unif.

ring; threadsence.

not safari...but i couldn't help myself. yes.
dress; cameo.

.gô förth åñd pēt àń âñįmåł.
loveeeeee alffffalffffaaaa

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