up the energy

Dartmouth weather can be deceiving in the winter. As you can see from the picture above, we have a giant cupcake-formed pile of snow in the center of our campus ground and then we have decrepit trees and grass hopelessly trying to grasp the tiniest ray of sunlight from in between the clouds. This unpredictable weather can take a toll on a person's disposition. But I refuse to be brought down by this stupid weather! Instead, I make the effort to put life back into the feeble atmosphere. So, I put on a pair of vibrant leggings, some fringe with gold beads and an oversized poncho with more FRINGE! And to top it all off, I put on my neon orange winter jacket. When I walk outside with this lively outfit, I can feel my energy spreading to the nature around me, giving it the boost it needs to finally change seasons and make it SPRING ALREADY!! 

poncho; uniq. leggings; nasty gal. fringe shirt; topshop.

necklace; ebay!

If you're having the same weather trouble in your town, here are a few key articles of clothing that I believe will boost your nature's spirit:
via mara hoffman. via nasty gal. 

 via mara hoffman.
via chictopia

Soon enough, we will feel this warmth.
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