converse to jeffreys or vice versa?

necklace; free people. long sleeve crop; american apparel. belt; urban outfitters. harem pants; brunello cucinelli. socks; hospital socks. heels; jeffrey campbell. 

backpack; american apparel.

 nail polish; essie luxe. [its a cover coat that puts bronze flakes on top of your base coat... it reflects rasta colors in the light]

 this post is like one of those typical magazine 'day/night outfits,' which i'm not really a fan of because they usually have a girl in study outfit with a collared shirt and a knee-high skirt [or something of the sort] and then POOF! they have the girl take off her pastel colored cardigan, unbutton her shirt a little, and switch her steve madden flats for some black ysl platform pumps.. and they think they have presented the best solution to the im-to-lazy-to-change-before-going-out..do-you-think-its-okay-that-i-just-wear-these-leggings-to-the-party kind of people....wellllllll i find those typical magazine takes kinda lame and not my style [but, hey, everyone's style is different...so i'm not judging...just giving some productive criticism] anywhooooo i pretty much did what these magazines do except i chose to switch some comfy, brilliant red converse with some passive suede black jeffrey heels. 
this doesn't mean that i'm saying converse aren't night shoes [cause i definitely pull that move on the daily], i meannnnn you could even be wearing these black heels at school and rock the converse at night just in case you know you're gonna [maybe] get a little drunky later and you don't want to fall on your ass in the snow on your way to a frat from your heel slipping....of course i'm speaking hypothetically since i am only 18 and haven't ever placed my hands on a keystone light! 
in conclusion, i believe that you can be super bold with your choice of shoes to match with an outfit...so choose wisely, recklessly, and individualistically because, personally, when i meet someone for the first time i always look at his/her pair of shoes to know a lil somin somin about their personality. [and i'm speaking the truf]

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