###rad plaid###

sorry for the wait my people! we didn't forget about you, we just had a lot of school work to do. now we are back to posting on the regs:
its winter, yet spring is just around the corner so why not start transitioning to the spring aesthetic? i've got winter on my upper body and spring on my lower body: dark colors + long sleeves for winter, pastels + cuffed pants + low-cut shoes for spring.

go forth and transition fellow fabric fiends.

flannel; oscar de la renta. mesh button up; american apparel. crop tank; zara. skinnies; american apparel. shoes; urban outfitters.

glasses; polo. necklace; vintage. lipstick; mac.

when your pants have zippers on the bottom sides you can choose to keep them zipped and scrunch them, you can choose to unzip them and have them flare, or you can unzip them and cuff them up to add some texture to your pant use.

maxi skirt; unif.

flannel skinnies; tripp nyc. sequin skinnies; ashish.

poncho; urban outfitters.

deep-v blouse; style stalker.

combat boots; pixie market.
shoes; toms.

pink blouse; pixie market. purple blouse; motel.

muscle flannel; pixie market.

blouse; anna studio.

shirt dress; mardi jeudi.

pants; push button.

shorts; washborn.

motorcross coat; free people. wool jacket; torn.

maxi skirt; free people.

skinnies; tripp nyc.

sheep making rad moves.

peace. love. twins.

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