lace crop top; wasteland (cali thrift store). floral shirt; topshop. pants; cheap mondays. jean vest; levis. beanie; jcrew. shoes; doc martins.
earrings; vintage.

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

There is this stage in our lives where we begin to form our individual identities in this unraveling world. As children we had a passive dependence on our community, which restrained us from realizing the condition that time inevitably places us in. Once we part from our sheltered lives, the veil of ignorance falls away from our eyes and we see the world standing naked in front of us. Truths are no longer hidden, forcing us into an existential crisis to form our own identities and realize what we truly want from our existence. Therefore, chi and i believe that life should be led with peace. Whats the point in creating negative energy in this world where we have limited time? Such energy only induces the suffering that we already feel subconsciously due to our fixed existence. Thus, peace should be the principle we all live by.
love you dearly.
the twins:
gi and chi

this art piece is found on an amazing online clothing and art store called the imagination foundation. they make t-shirts imprinted with philosophical graphics like this picture above. you definitely must check it our here.

~as the sphere of knowledge expands, so does the mystery that surrounds it~

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