Decide Your Decade

I feel like it's important to know your decade.
Know your decade, people. 
By that that I mean know your decade of style. It truly helps when you're having a slumpy day and you're all like, "Wait... what do I wear? Like, whaaa? Wahhhhhh." 'Cause, honestly, that's how I normally do.

I personally know that:
  • when I'm sophisticated-feeling, I'm in the 60s,
  • when I'm trying to look classy, I'm in the 20s,
  • when I'm all like, "bitches (male, female, fe-man, and n/a) be bothering me," I'm in the late 80s, early 90s,
  • when I'm feeling cute but saucy, (chya,) I'm in the 90s (cause that was when baby chi and man baby gi were born), and finally
  • when I'm trying to go to a concert, or rave, or whatever a fun time is called these days, and I'm gone be all sweaty and sh*t, I'm in the 00s and beyond. (Nay, not before-time or the medieval era, more like the now and the future, zduh). 
Anywho, try and pick a decade sometime. This way when you're all flustered the morning before you start your fancy job (or, non-fancy job-- like mine-- where I thrive in warehouse-modern-grunge-80s-wear) (or, no job at all, like Gi, which gives her much more freedom when fashioning her self-image on the daily) you can have an easier time being on auto-pilot and cruising through your clothes to take on the inspiring decade of your choosing. 

To give you some insight I pursued the LIFE Magazine photo archives that we all (should) know and love ;) I only sifted through the 20s-80s, but I tried to take pictures that were both fashionably inspiring, as well as politically/socially inspiring:








(my dad and I in the 90s....i had to do it)

Peace 'n blessings.