We Back

We in it. Reasons why:

1. its the new year, which means
2. we in it, and
3. TYTB is back.

cause we in it.

Lets begin the comeback with a throwback; Fresh Prince of Belair, for example, killed it.
Why? (you may ask.)
Well, because. (& because, like, that show is on our Top 8 Friends on TYTB, and, like, Myspace...obvs.)

Anywho, this new-start-post is attempting to breakdown TYTB's Top 8 Friends that inspire #life. Lets begin by bringing up the 8 said-friends:

1. Fresh Prince of Belair (or, like, will smith & co.)
2. Angelina Jolie (all-time troubled female favorite)
3. Rihanna (the #bossbitch we all really want to be)
4. Coco Chanel (obviously, like, without a doubt)
5. Audrey Tautou (because she killed Chanel in Coco Before Chanel)
6. Gwen Stefani (due to L.A.M.B. and 'cause she just brought it back with a hot new single as a new single)
7. Olsen Twins (if you don't already know,.. you should already know (period))
8. Mickey Drexler (b/c he is known as the "Merchant Prince" (i.e. Ann Taylor, Bloomingdales, Macys, Gap, JCrew, etc..) &, like, to legitimize this post a little, we needed a credible businessman on the list to finish if off nice ;).

And there it is; TYTB's inspo-thirsty thursday post.......     #i-TTP!!!

TYTB gals