The Porfi Post

Hello my pretties,

Although T.Y.T.B. is in Madrid, I would like to make a shout out to an Italian artist, and a dear friend of mine, Porfi. 

He enjoys everything a Braless Youngin' would, and more... Please, observe.

* * *

"Fa Su"
Italian slang that translates to, "Please, roll up."

Depicted above are the various kinds of joints one may roll:

Una Canna,
Un Spinello,
and so on and so forth,

A caged brain, with some jeweled fringe.

iSpy with my golden eye a vagina. Maybe even two. Three?

* * *

Porfi, the artist himself, is pictured below, working on a piece he dedicated to me. 

"Fai Su?"
[Will you roll up?]

"Bo, oK."
[Uhm, I dunno. Wait, but of course! Okay!]


Big Kiss from Madrid,