The chase for lace

I know lace is something you try to abstain from wearing during the winter, but, like, honestly who gives a sh*t. Lace is cute and sexy and sophisticated, all at the same time. Like, today I, chi$, wore a hot pink lace (oversized, like, XXL) doll dress that I bought at an artisan pop-up shop in Sarasota, Fl during Xmas for FIVE DOLLA$$$ (!!!). And I coupled this cute/sexy/sophisticated-seeming dress with beige lace leggings that:
nothing to keep me warm in New York's damn cold non-snowy winter. (For example, this afternoon, just before dusk, I went to the skatepark (lol, i know) with my boyfriend, Güs, to blog/text/watch him skate (cause i personally have a nice time just sitting there at the park, skater-watching) and low-n-behold: I WAS COLD AF. Like, literally wished I had worn warmer clothes, but
it was my choice
to chase lace
in 43 degree weather.
And you know what:
I was still feeling myself.
And you know what else:
I sucked it up.
Cause, with fashioned beauty, you pay your dues (all the while trying to stay calm & collected in order) to maintain appearances. 

Or, why in the hell would you care about your looks in the first place? Furreally.

(i apologize in advanced for the shameless bathroom pic; i had limited resources, but, like, fhock it. it did the job. no?)
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